Special Requests

Special requests or special projects are as diversified and as unique as you are. It’s all about fulfilling the quest you have for something that fits you or your event: specifically, exactly, and perfectly. We are Canadian based headwear and apparel decorators. We specialize in small quantities. We offer the flexibility of both our studio for one […]


  Our prototyping service is a design development service where headwear and apparel decoration concepts are visually rendered in the form of a series of digital images. These mockups or simulations represent efficient working tools for professionals who are involved in the promotional, branding, and event planning industry. They are an excellent complement to manufacturers production packs […]

Do Not Wash My Hat

It’s a fact that most manufacturers do not provide care instructions labels for their headwear. We suspect that for the same reasons, airliners do not equip their fleet with patio doors. Ball caps are made of a multitude of different material components that do not react the same way to typical laundry cycles. Chances are you probably […]